Vest Harness Air-Mesh Dog Harness Pet Vest No-Pull Step-In Harness with Padded Vest Red M

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  • MEDIUM dog harness – Great for dogs with Neck (shoulder) Girth:12.6"–13.4", Chest Girth:17.3"–18.9". Measure around the widest part of the neck (shoulder) and the chest. Size MEDIUM fits the following breeds best: Maltese, Havanese, Jack Russel Terrier, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Cairn Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, West Highland Terrier
  • Designed in Switzerland and inspired by mountaineering and winter sports. Curli's great attention to detail and a scientific approach to functionality and design is unmatched
  • Step-in harness lightweight, breathable Velcro closure Ideal tension distribution to prevent choking
  • Lightweight rings to attach a leash, Reflective on the neck for safety in darkness

Product Description


The VEST HARNESS AIR MESH from curli is the perfect harness for your favorite four-legged friend. The step-in design is incredibly quick and easy to put on and take off. The Velcro closure helps ensure a perfect fit for all small and medium size dogs. The light, air-permeable stretch air-mesh upper material offers a pleasant cooling effect when immersed in water. With its superior and uncompromising construction, extensive list of proprietary features and unsurpassed attention to detail, the curli Vest harness is the very best harness for small and medium dogs on the market today!


All of our curli harnesses go through a very specialized and proprietary design and manufacturing process. This involves the precise processing of several different layers of fabric, cut and sewn together to create our unique 3D shape.

Note that a curli harness will never lie completely flat when not being worn, which is the hallmark of our 3D Comfort Fit. This allows our harnesses to remain dimensionally stable and robust, while providing complete freedom of movement for your dog and effortless control and stress-free handling for you.

Guiding and Pulling one-piece safety rings

Two separate leash attachment rings on the top of the Belka Comfort Harness provide unique benefits. Attachment of the leash to the guiding front safety ring provides optimal controlwhen the range of motion needs to be restricted. This lets your dog know to stay close and that you are in charge. To allow your dog more freedom of movement, attach the leash to the rear safety ring, which allows the dog to pull away in front of you. This also provides optimal tension distributionand safety as the dog pulls on the leash. The rings themselves are made from one solid metal piece, which means that they do not have a welded opening, making them even stronger and more secure.

Optimal tension distribution

The curli vest harness Air Mesh is designed to provide uniform pressure distribution that prevents the dog from choking when pulling on the leash. In contrast to conventional collars, the force is absorbed over the entire chest area, rather than being concentrated over the much more sensitive neck area.

Safety & security - even in the dark

The 360 ° reflective hem ensures extra safety at night or in foul weather. The hem will reflect light from any angle. Plus, all of our harnesses come with built in attachment points for oursuper-bright and long-lastingluumi LED lights. These can be easily attached to the elastic straps on both sides of the neck and will ensure optimal visibility in the dark or in any limited visibility condition.

DogFinder ID – reuniting lost dogs and their owners

The DogFinder is a unique additional feature that curli products offer exclusively and at no additional cost! The DogFinder ID helps reunite lost dogs with their owners. Every curli harness comes with a unique serial number sewn into the product. Simply lift the DogFinder tab on the side of the harness and register the unique DogFinder ID number into our secure, worldwide data base. You can register multiple harnesses for the same dog or multiple dogs per account. The system is simple and runs by itself 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your dog is lost, the finder can simply contact you directly via the DogFinderID web site.

Added safety for night time walks

Two reflective stripes in the neck area provide additional safety for walking in the dark or during adverse weather conditions.

Attention to detail

The size and fit of this harness can be adjusted very precisely by tightening or loosening the Velcro fastener. Stretchable seams promise a perfect fit on the dog's body and make the harness incredibly comfortable to wear.

Protection from injury

When your dog pulls on the leash, the crossed belt straps and padded buckles promise optimal tension distribution over the entire body. As a result of this design, the force is distributed uniformly and the dog's sensitive neck area is protected from injury.

About the dog harness specialist curli

Curli, The Harness Specialist from Switzerland, offers superior functionality, unique product design, outstanding safety and wellness features and an unparalleled connection between dogs and their owners. With years of experience in the outdoor and winter sports sectors, the curli team is now committed to creating the world’s best dog harnesses and accessories. All of our harnesses are extremely light weight, constructed of the finest materials and designed from the dog’s perspective. The close, friendly relationship between human and animal as well as seeing the dog as a member of the family, are always at the center of curli's activities. curli is for people who want the best for their dogs.

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