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The Spree Pet Carrier by MidWest Homes for Pets is available in two sizes; 19" or 22" and three colors; red, blue and green. The 19" Spree is recommended for extra small cats, "Toy" dog breeds and other small animals including Ferrets birds.

The Spree pet carrier is fast and easy to assemble with no tools required and is a perfect travel pet carrier for quick trips like taking your pet to / from the dog park, pet store, Veterinarian and etc.

Each Spree features a secure / easy-to use plastic door that can open in either direction (left to right or right to left) a built in carrying handle for easy portability.

This pet carrier's interior dimensions are 17. 91L x 11. 5W x 12H inches and the doorway measures 7. 16W x 7. 63H inches.

The Spree pet carrier is made of durable, easy to clean plastic and provides for the proper circulation and visibility your pet requires.


  • Hard Sided Pet Carrier for Travel | Spree is suitable as a "Toy" dog breed carrier, cat carrier & small animal carrier for quick trips to Veterinarian, pet store, dog park & etc
  • Fashionable, Fun & Functional Pet Carrier | Available in 3 fun colors & smart design provides easy assembly, proper air circulation & visibility for your pet
  • "Toy" Breed Pet Carrier | Interior dimensions are 17.91L x 11.5W x 12H inches & doorway measures 7.16W x 7.63H inches
  • Durable & Tough Pet Carrier | Spree is manufactured w/ durable, easy-to-clean plastic & includes strong built in carrying handle | The 19-inch Spree is ideal for "Toy" dog breeds & small house cats
  • Easy Assembly & Quality Guarantee | Simple 5 step assembly w/ no tools required & carrier includes MidWest Quality Guarantee 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

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