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The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush with Plastic Tip is a Great Pet brush for Grooming shedding and trimming. The bristles remove loose hair, fur, dirt, and debris, discard tangles and snags and help keep you house clean without hair go everywhere. Perfect for small medium large long/short-haired Dogs and cats.
Your pet will enjoy a grooming and message experience without shedding away. It increase blood circulation, and the fur will be shiny and soft.
Good grip handle with ergonomic design that is comfortable for hand.Slicker brush is good grip for handle, prevents hand and wrist strain.
The dog Brush easily remove hair making it easy to clean the brush.
  • No pain trimming brush with plastic tips provide massage for pets which increase blood circulation. Bristles with fine bend wires no hurting or scratching your pet skin when comb deep into the undercoat.
  • The slicker brush removes loose hair by up 95%, Keep house free of pet hair. Perfect choice if your pet sheds like crazy. Your pet will enjoy the brushing.
  • The brush with ergonomic design is user friendly. Easy to use by pressing the button, the pins come out. Easy to clean by Pressing the button again to retract the pins and wipe off the hairs.
  • Strong Durable and economical dog slicker accessories. Made with strong materials to last for years of use, you will not ask professional or other dog fittings, our brush can save your time and money.
  • This professional brush is ideal for all pets. It helps you groom your pets at home any time you like. It will fit your pets and they will be more shiny and softness.
  • Brand: 100% New and Brand
  • Color: Aqua Green
  • Handle Material: Plastic, Rubber
  • Product Benefits: Easy to use, Easy to Clean - Bristles with fine bend wires no hurting or scratching your pet skin
  • Hair Type: All
  • Size:
  • Comb: 7.25"  x 1.96"
  • Brush:  7.2" x 4.33" x 2.75"
  • 1 x Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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