Puppy Starter Kit, Dog Toys, Dog Bed Blankets, Puppy Dog Grooming Tool, Training, Toys, Training Bells Dog Leashes Accessories for Dogs Gift for New Puppies Orange 23 Pieces

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SETONWARE’S Premium puppy starter kit is ready when your new puppy comes arrives!

It’s simply brimming with everything a puppy needs... a blanket, a collar and leash, food, water bowls, treats, toys, and grooming equipment.

Our all-in-one kit dog collars for puppies are available in four stunning hues and are the ideal welcome home gift for new or soon-to-be dog owners.

We thought of all the dog essentials you will need to comfort and ease your new puppy or small dog into their new home forever.

The toys and essentials are designed to help train your dog to work for and earn their treats. Pack only includes durable high-quality items for the safety of your new puppy.



  • MATCHING STARTER KIT:  Everyone who buys a puppy or dog should acquire this kit. It is an excellent collection of new puppy essentials for the first time you welcome a dog into your household. No other Puppy Accessories for small dogs or Small, Medium or Large Dog Necessities kits has all the Essentials in one box. We made it convenient at clearance prices.

  • GROOMING & TRAINING SUPPLIES: Begin to groom and train your puppy right away. Our grooming kit includes a latex-free Silicone Licking to keep your new puppy calm during bath time. To train your puppy the kit features an easy to use Dog Bells for door potty training, a Treat Bag, a Treat Dispensing Ball, and Puppy Teething Toys which include an Eco-friendly tooth cleaning Chew Ring. A Durable Chew ring to help keep their teeth clean.

  • NECESSITIES FOR EATING & SLEEPING: Our starter kit includes an ultra-soft dog blanket that is machine washable to keep your dog warm, comfortable, and happy whether at home or on the road. Stainless food bowls we’ve also included two collapsible travel bowls with hooks. Simply pop it up and fold it away. 

  • PUPPY ACCESSORIES: Puppy Collar and Leash Set. This is a perfect Puppy Starter Pack with bells for dogs to ring to go outside, and dog necessities, at home or travel with your puppies. The High-Quality Color Matched Puppy Supplies are designed for comfort, Fun, Convenience and Value. 6 rolls of leak-proof waste bags with dispenser for safe and hygienic waste disposal.

  • WE CARE: Our 23 Pieces Puppy Starter Kit for Small Dogs, Pack only includes Durable High-Quality items for the safety of your New Puppy. Our Puppy Kits for New Owners have all the Essentials, and Tools every new puppy needs. This impressive accessories & training kit includes 1 Treat Bag, 1 Training Clicker, 1 Grooming Glove, 1 Treat Dispensing Ball, 1 Chew Ring, 1 Collar, 2 Rope Toys, 1 Dog Leash, 6 Rolls of Waste Bags with Dispenser, 1 Dog Blanket, 2 Collapsible Travel Bowls, 2 Food Bowls, 1 Lick Pad, and 1 Potty Doorbell.

Package Includes:

  • Collars for a puppy include all of these necessities in one fantastic box.
  • 1 treat bag
  • 1 training clicke
  • 1 grooming glove
  • 1 treat dispensing ball
  • 1 chew ring
  • 1 collar
  • 2 rope toys
  • 1 dog leash
  • 6 rolls of waste bags with dispenser
  • 1 dog blanket
  • 2 collapsible travel bowls
  • 2 food bowls
  • 1 lick pad
  • 1 potty doorbell



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