Prong Collar for Dogs - No Pull Choke Collar for Dogs, Pinch Collar for Dogs, Dog Training Collar & Dog Walking Tool for Small, Medium, or Large Breed - Metal Dog Choker Chain

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Dog pinch collars are effective dog training tools. A pinch collar, also called a prong collar, is a type of metal chain placed around your dog's neck. It's composed of small metal rings liLELINTAed together and each has a set of prongs that tighten and pinch your dog's neck when it is being pulled.

PRONG COLLAR: It is a consummate training solution with gentle correction of gear collar.
INJURY PREVENTION: Additional blunt-cut rubber caps on every gear can prevent injuries to your dog's neck.
Stylish design with metal buckle reinforcing the fastness, offering easy-on and easy-off in a second.
Sturdy material in combination with superior stainless steel greatly ensures the durability and improves the long-lasting performance.

How to use:
1. Place collar around your dog’s neck, below their ears and under their jaw.
2. Secure the collar with the buckle and slide the lock stopper.
3. Make sure that the collar is not too loose. Attach the leash on the D-rings.
4. Now, you're ready to walk your dog!

Package list:
1 x Dog Pinch Collars

  • Steady dog training collar has a quick release snap, you can quickly unravel.
  • Just put it on like a normal dog collar and adjustment the size . Easily make your dog obedient.
  • The safe and effective dog training chain mimics the way the bitch uses the teeth to straighten the puppies' behavior.
  • With a protective cover on the top of the collar, it will not really hurt the dog during corrective training.
  • Effectively restrain the dog's sprinting behavior and train the dog's ability to follow.

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