Professional 2 Sided Undercoat Dog Cat Shedding Comb Brush Pet Grooming Tool

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Pet Shedding Brush Grooming 2 Sided Undercoat Dog Cat Comb Tool Pets NEW
Is your pet prone to shedding? Are you tired of finding your pet's hair on your furniture, car, clothing, and anything else they can get their paws on? Try de-shedding them with our pet brush and spend less time picking up after your pet's hair!


  • High-quality materials: made of a softer upgraded version of 3.0ABS plastic to ensure gentle massage and touch-ups without scratching the skin of the cat or dog.
  • Pet Automatic Grooming Machine: This is a pet brush device that is customized to your pet's lifestyle. It not only provides the fun of friction for pets, but it can also remove loose and fallen pet hair and repel parasitic insects on the pet.
  • Collect pet hair to reduce cleaning time and keep the house clean. You can concentrate on other things while using this pet hair grooming brush.

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