Pet Puppy Dog Mesh Sling Carry Pack Backpack Carrier Travel Tote Shoulder Bag

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M7 Pet Puppy Dog Mesh Sling Carry Pack Backpack Carrier Travel Tote Shoulder Bag 


  • Multifunctional Pocket Upgrade: The M7 pet sling carrier has a zipper pocket opening. You can touch your pet and give your pet a feeling of comfort and safety. At the same time, we can use this pocket to adjust the pet's arms and legs and body sitting posture, which can make you and the pet more comfortable and safe.
  • Material and Details Upgrade: The mesh and leather materials have been updated to make the dog satchel carrier more advanced. The adjustable rope has been reinforced and is not easy to break. At the same time, a D buckle is added, which can be used to hang garbage bags or fold dog bowls or keychains. There are more details to upgrade waiting for your discovery.
  • Safe, Portable, and Breathable: The dog sling carrier with the head-out design allows pets can get more fresh air. At the same time, the mesh material can make pets feel warm in winter and cool in summer. Three safety protection designs allow your pet to be stably placed in the crossbody carrier. At the same time, the reflective strip design can make you and your baby safer at night. Lightweight and portable designs can bring you better comfort.
  • Universal Use: M7 dog cat hand-free sling carrier help you take your baby into the mall, subway, grocery stores, hospitals, parks, and go for a daily or long-distance walk.
  • The adjustable strap measures 38.6-46.5 inches long. Fits small to significant-sized people.

Size: Length x Wide ( Buttom ) x Height

S : 15 x 4 x 8 inch (3 - 6 LB)
M : 16 x 5 x 10 inch (6 - 9 LB)
L : 18 x 6 x 12 inch (9 - 12 LB)

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