Pet Dog Cat Feeding Food Water Bowls Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Dish Feeder for Cat Puppy Dogs Pet Feeding Accessories

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Material: plastic

Color: blue, pink, green

  • 1. It is bite-resistant and non-slip, more durable, stylish, non-toxic, durable, and clean with one brush, excellent material, non-toxic, high toughness, and more environmentally friendly
  • 2. The inner tank is preferably made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, strong toughness, healthier and safer, and detachable design to clean without dead corners and not easy to breed bacteria
  • 3. Three-dimensional love shape, round corners, three-dimensional love design stylish and cute, round corners, can prevent pets from accidentally hurting during eating
  • 4. Waterproof design: the surface of puppy boots are waterproof, even if it is a rainy day to walk outdoors, it will not easily let water into the shoes, wetting the pet's claws, so that they can keep the claws dry even in the rainy day, put on the shoes, but also to avoid the pet dirty feet
  • 5. Easy to wear and take off: the breathable dog boots are easy to put on and off, these dog shoes have wide slit openings that make it easy for your pet to slip into, the shoes have adjustable nylon straps on the side that you can adjust to make sure they fit tightly and don't fall off when your dog is walking

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