Dog Pet Bird Clicker Whistle Training Set W/ Wrist Strap Obedience Training Tool

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  • Pet training accessories - Teardrop shaped clicker training, ultrasonic whistle and black Wrist Strap make up our training kit for dogs, cats, birds and other pets.
  • Ultrasonic dog whistle Set - The dog whistle to stop barking is also equipped with dog clicker and Wrist Strap. This dog training whistle will not harm your dog's hearing and is also harmless to humans. It helps your dog learn all kinds of useful commands such as sit, fetch, lie down, roll over, shake paws and much more. These training tools are incredibly useful for correcting bad behavior, excessive barking or over-emotion.
  • Adjustable frequency - Our dog bark control devices have an adjustable frequency. This feature helps you adjust the frequencies according to your needs depending on a dog's ability to hear -  It finally stops your dog from barking. It is a great dog whistle to make dogs come to you and get their attention.
  • Training clicker - Our dog training clicker has a large button that clicks easily and audibly. When you press the button, it produces a clear sound, always follow the clicking sound with a treat, this sound will attract your pet to itself. This dog souvenir toy can be used to control your pet's activities.
  • High quality - The clicker and puppy whistle are made of high quality metal and hard plastic, safe and durable to use and a Wrist Strap can also prevent the whistle from getting lost. It can serve you and your dogs for a long time, and the compact size of these dog training accessories allows you to carry them easily and conveniently. 
Package Includes:
  •     1* Dog Whistle
  •     1* Training Clicker 
  •     1* Elastic Wrist Strap

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