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 Constructed with 4 layers including breathable mesh surface, filled washable cotton, waterproof TPU film and plastic-dot bottom cloth, the dog pee pad can wick quickly and absorb liquids to prevent your puppy leaving a trail throughout your home.
Soft surface provides ultra- comfort for your dogs and anti-slip and waterproof bottom ensure the pad stay in place and prevent urine from flowing out effectively. It's easy to clean via machine wash.
Ideal for housebreaking puppies, pet carriers during trips, whelping pads, etc.. Perfect for both home and travel usage.
  • Soft & Breathable Surface:Made from advanced polyester fiber mesh cloth in the surface,the dog pee pad is super soft and breathable,providing ultra comfort for your pets!
  • Super Absorbent:Constructed with 4 layers including mesh surface,filled washable cotton,waterproof TPU film and plastic-dot bottom cloth,the dog pee pad can wick quickly,absorb and hold liquids and prevent your fur baby leaving a trail throughout your home. Great for potty training puppies,senior dogs,and dogs with special needs.
  • Anti-Slip & Waterproof Bottom:Equipped with plastic-dot bottom with TPU waterproof film inside,the training pad is not easy to move and keep in place stably even on smooth floor and can absorb liquid and prevent urine from flowing out effectively.
  • Machine Washable & Reusable:The dog pee pad is machine washable for easy cleaning and can be used repeatedly. One mat can accompany your puppy from childhood to adulthood.
  • Versatile Usage:This pet training potty pad is perfect for housebreaking puppies,protecting crates,pet carriers during trips,travel pee pads,whelping pads,incontinent dogs,lining kennels & playpens,post-surgery,etc.. Can be used on floor,carpet,bed,sofa,car trunks,etc..
  • Brand: iMounTEK
  • Product Type: Washable Puppy Dog Pee Pad
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Polyester Fiber, Plastic, Cloth, Washable Cotton, TPU Film
  • Compatibility: S: For Dogs ≤4kg/8.8lbs; M: For Dogs ≤10kg/22lbs; L: For Dogs ≤25kg/55lbs
  • Item Size: S: 60x45x0.5cm/23.62x17.72x0.2in; M: 100x70x0.5cm/39.37x27.56x0.2in; L: 150x90x0.5cm/59.06x35.43x0.2in
  • Item Weight: S: 145.5g/0.32lbs; M: 373g/0.82lbs; L: 770g/1.7lbs
  • Package Size: S: 29x20x4cm/11.42x7.87x1.57in; M: 34x25x7cm/13.39x9.84x2.76in; L: 43x35x7cm/16.93x13.78x2.76in
  • Package Weight: S: 156g/0.34lbs; M: 383g/0.84lbs; L: 785g/1.73lbs
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Washable Puppy Dog Pee Pad

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