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We’ll help your pet achieve their travel dreams starting with an indoor dog kennel. Our dog crate features mesh designs suitable for large dogs that not only provide excellent ventilation but also reduce your furry friend’s anxiety by allowing for clear visibility.
  • Our large dog crate comes in 2 sizes suitable for most dogs or cats. The 30-inch (approximately 76.2 cm) is suitable for medium to small dogs such as Beagles, while the 36-inch (approximately 91.4 cm) is suitable for larger breeds like Rottweilers and Border Collies.
  • Our high-quality crate is made of Oxford cloth and features ample stainless steel support poles and three mesh sides, making it an ideal choice for your well-trained dog when you’re on the go. While our escape-proof crate is foldable, it does require installation (one-time only) before the first use and can be quickly folded up for portability afterward.
  • Whether it’s your first time using our crate or you’re reusing it after multiple cleanings, you can adjust the tightness of the fabric cover via the spiral head. The adjustable cover adds versatility for camping trips and uneven ground, as you can tighten the portable dog cage as needed for normal use.
  • Provide more convenience and safety for your furry friend with front and side doors that feature lockable zippers, which can be rolled up and secured with fabric tape. The opposite side features a large mesh window to keep your pet from overheating inside our dog crate.
  • A large pocket at the back of this foldable dog crate allows for storage of pet treats, water cups, garbage bags, and more.
  • Compared to carrying heavy metal crates that can scratch your car, our collapsible dog crate is much easier to transport.
  • Black carrying handles make this pet carrier easy to transport while traveling.

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