Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Indestructible Rubber Squeaky Dog Toy

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  • 【Unstoppable dog chew toy】made of super rubber, this dog chew toy is non-toxic and strong enough for aggressive chewers to use. The indestructible characteristics of dog chew toys ensure that your dog will not only be amused, but also be accompanied for a long time.
  • 【Wild boar interactive dog toy】shaped like a wild boar, the dog chews the toy will stimulate your dog to play with it. The built-in squeak makes this dog squeak toy a good interactive toy for you to interact with him/her. Through squeaking dog toys, your dog will be attracted and you two will have a good time together.
  • 【Milk flavor dog chew toy】This dog chew toy has milk flavor, which can make the dog play longer, help him/her eliminate boredom, and make him/her healthier and happier. With dogs chewing toys, obesity, depression and biting furniture will no longer happen to your dog.
  • 【Tooth cleaning dog chews toys】This boar interacts with the dog's bumps, which will help clean the dog's teeth, keep the dog's teeth healthy and have a good appetite. In addition, it is a good chewing toy for dogs, suitable for dogs to grow baby teeth or replace baby teeth.
  • 【Washing suggestions and warranty policy】This dog chew toy is easy to clean. Just wash it with water and it will look like a new one. All our dog toys have a lifetime warranty.


  • Product name: wild boar dog toy
  • Product material: natural rubber
  • Net weight of product: 220g, including 250g of packaging
  • Product size: 3.6 * 5.3 inches
  • Product packaging: carton packaging
  • Made of super rubber, this dog chew toy is suitable for large and aggressive dogs.

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