Clearance Cat Bowls,Elevated Cat Bowl,Raised Ceramic Cat Dish with Metal Stand,Pet Water or Food Feeding Station for Indoor Cats,Puppies,Dogs,Dishwasher Safe

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  • Help your slowly at the perfect angle and avoid vomiting problems,just change the way they and your pet's overall health will improve! Regular bowls can be very uncomfortable for cats,whether they are old or arthritic.
  • Deep,hollow bowls can irritate cats' ,increase pressure on their necks,and make them want to too quickly; resulting in indigestion,vomiting,and a lot of pain. This can put your poor kitty under a lot of stress,and it may also make them completely uninterested in mealtime. Your may vomit after a meal because he is bending over to and/or has whisker fatigue. Also suitable for small dogs Perfect with dry or wet food
  • The metal base is anti-tipping and anti-rust,and the flat plate reduces beard fatigue,suitable for cats with flat surfaces No curves for cats to clean the dishes
  • Raised flat design reduces pressure on your pet's joints and stomach. Eating food from a bowl can irritate a cat's as their rub against the sides of the bowl.


  • 1 metal base
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 10 cm

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