Breathable Dog Shirt for Thunderstorm, Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket,Pet Coat anti Anxiety Dog Vest ,Puppy Calming Coat Anxiety Stress Relief Calming Wrap Fit for Small Medium Large Dogs & Cats

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Does your dog have such trouble? Due to many external reasons, such as fireworks, thunderstorms, driving trips, pet hospitals, moving to new homes, strangers, etc. The dog becomes anxious and even fearful.

Autmor Dog Anxiety Jacket will solve this problem for you. This is a dog calming shirt specially designed for dogs, made of comfortable and breathable fabric. Wearing it as if the owner is hugging it can improve the dog's sense of security and help reduce the dog's anxiety.


  • 【Eliminate anxiety and fear coat】 effectively comfort your pet's mood when they feel scared or anxious,like swaddling a baby,adopts gentle pressure to keep them clam.
  • 【Easy to put on and take off】Easy to put on and take off,adjust soft pressure,it can solve majority of pet scare problem,especially for dogs.
  • 【Soft materials】Soft and comfortable materials,breathable and lightweight,efficient to make them feel safe.
  • 【Reflective strip】Reflective strip on the back,great for night.
  • 【Adjustable】Magic sticker,slightly adjustable and adjust to a comfortable angle for your pets.


  • Type : Dog Anxiety Thunder Vest Coat, Calming Dog Thunder Jacket Wrap, Dog  for Small Medium Large Dogs
  • Applies to : Small Medium Large Dogs & Cats
  • Wash : Mechanical Wash,Hand Wash
  • Pattern : Solid
  • Season : All Seasons
  • Size Chart
  • Size----Back--------------Chest--------------------Neck-----------Weight
  • XS---23cm/9.06"-----32-41cm/12.59-16.14"----26-39cm/10.23-12.59"-----3.5-7kg
  • S----30cm/11.81"----48-58cm/18.89-22.83"-----32-39cm/12.59-15.35"-----7-13kg
  • M----34cm/13.39"----58-68cm/122.83-26.77"---46-53cm/18.11-20.87"-----12-20kg
  • L----36cm/14.17"----68-78cm/26.77-30.71"-----59-66cm/23.22-25.98"-----19-30kg
  • XL---44cm/17.32"----76-93cm/29.92-36.61"-----66-79cm/25.98-31.10"-----29-49kg

Package Includes:

  • 1 x pet coat


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