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MotorCityBarrels deals with exceptional furniture carved out of aged whiskey barrels. Our goal is to upcycle authentic barrels to preserve their rich vintage feel and decorate every corner of your home.
  • Love pets and vintage decor?
  • Mesh them together. Serve your furry friends appetizing meals in the Barrel Pet Feeder – curated whiskey-aged barrels.
  • The Bourbon Dog Waterer is a unique way for your pets to enjoy their meals and drink water. Through elevated eating, your four-legged friends won’t strain their necks. Plus, healthy digestion for days!
  • Chill because there will be no spills. The raised water bowl design prevents all kinds of mess and drips. Food will stay secured throughout, for them to enjoy themselves to their fullest.
  • We work closely with master craftsmen to create exquisite whiskey barrel pet supplies. Combining elegance and convenience for the most desirable products.
  • We’ve got sizes for all pads and paws! Choose from a 4, 8, or 13-inch dog food stand.
  • Confused? This might help you. Measure your dog’s correct height while standing on the floor up to the top of their shoulders and then subtract six inches.
  • Dimensions- Large (Standard)
  • 25.5” Length
  • 11” Width
  • 13” height - LARGE
  • 8" height - SMALL
  • 4" height - MINI

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