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Easy To Use - Simple push button with distinct clicking sound. The tear drop shaped clicker is lightweight, fits and feels great in your hand.
  • Comfortable Design - The material of ABS plastic + stainless steel ring piece won't rust and durable,
  • Matte surface and anti-skid handling are easy to hold.
  • Whistle size is suitable for any size of the palm and easy to control.
  • Elastic wrist strap, so you will not fall in the training.
  • Scientific Training Method - By pressing the big button, this clicker will make distinct and recognizable sound, this is a pleasure way to communicate with your lovely pet.
  • The tear drop shaped clicker is lightweight, fits and feels great in your hand.
  • The whistle provides the additional flexibility to include distance commands to a training program such as a distance 'sit’ command.
  • Wide Applications -The dog clicker for training can not only train dogs, but also training cats, birds, sheep and even mice. Is your essential sensitive pet training tool.
  • You will have a happy and trusting communication tool with your pet.

How to Train Your Pet by Training Clicker?

  1. Give orders, such as sit down, jump etc
  2. Wait to the dog follows the command
  3. After he/she did it, press the clicker
  4. Then reward the dog with snacks
  5. Repeat it several times to make dog remember


  • Colour: black+white Product
  • Size: 9 x 4 x 1.5 cm/ 3.5 x1.6 x 0.6 inch
  • Material:ABS Package
  • Weight: 52g/1.83oz

Package Include:

  • 2 x Dog Training Whistle Clickers

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