1 Pc Plastic Dog Food Bowl Pet Feeder Dish Feed Water Dispenser Feeding Cat 7.8"

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This automatic water dispenser uses a common 2 liter bottle for its storage tank so it's easy to make sure your animals have plenty of water to drink.
Perfect for taking along on trips because you can just pack the dish and leave the bulky storage tank behind!
The automatic water refilling system keeps water fresh and flowing, just attach the water bottle.
Good for both food or water.


  • 1 Pet food and water bowl
  •  Randomly Colors Shipped
  •  Perfect for food or water
  •  Bowl automatically refills as your pet drinks
  •  Fits most standard plastic bottles (2 liter and others)
  •  Measures 7.1" inner diameter x 1.63" Height
  •  Measures 8" outer diameter


NOTE - The bottle in pictures is for illustration purposes ONLY. It is NOT included. Listing is for the dispenser only.

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