Cat Calming Collars Adjustable 4 Bells Reducing Anxiety Hook Loop Purple 4 Pcs

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  • Package content - you will get 4 pieces of purple soothing cat collars to reduce cat's anxiety; The sufficient quantity is enough for your replacement; There are 4 pieces of silver bell pendants and 4 pieces of chains for easy attachment to the cat adjustable calming collars
  • Quick calm -  the cat calming collar is suitable for frightened, stressed, anxious or hyperactive cats; It will start working within 1 hour, which can effectively reduce the pressure and bad behavior; The cat and dog comfort collar can effectively help your cat or dog quickly adapt to the new environment
  • Continuous sedation for 30 days - the cat sedation collar takes effect very quickly, releasing pheromone for up to 30 days; It can provide better and longer lasting pheromone delivery; Your pet can wear it continuously and remember to change it every 4 weeks for good results; It is waterproof so that you don't need to remove the collar when your pet is bathing or playing in the rain


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