2Pcs Dogs Cats Pet Bell Tracker GPS Locator Accurate Positioning Collar Gold and Silver

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-This product has a collar, which can not only be hung on the collar, but also be decorated and positioned. It is convenient and easy to carry, and it is not cumbersome for pets to wear.


  • It can be connected to the mobile phone for multiple positioning, multi person management operation, browsing historical tracks, vibration alarm, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, magnetic suction charging, long-term endurance, etc.
  • No matter where your pet goes, you are not afraid of being lost. You can find it at any time, so that you can rest assured to play with your pet everywhere.
  • The bell can replace the SIM card, which can be used normally in many countries.
  • Five settings: GPS, GPS, BDS, WiFi and LBS positioning. 
  • Positioning once every 30 minutes, which can be used continuously for 4 days (standard mode).
  • Locate once every 1 minute and can be used continuously for 12 hours (only open in case of emergency).
  • Power saving mode: it can be set to search every 2 hours, the standby time is longer, and the timer switch can also be set.
  • Scope of application: vehicle positioning, pet positioning, luggage positioning, child positioning, etc.


  • Color: gold, silver
  • Bell size: about 36.8x36.8mm

Package Contains:

  • 2 * positioning bell
  • 2 * collar, 2 * data cable
  • 2 * handling ring
  • 2 * small bell
  • 2 * manual
  • 2 * packing box


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