3 Wheels Pet Stroller Dog Cat Stroller for Medium Small Dogs Cats Travel Folding Carrier Waterproof Puppy Stroller with Cup Holder,Purple

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This Dog/Cat Travel Carriage is suitable for any pet in his size range(33lb) and brings more pleasant time.The height of the Pet Stroller’s handle is comfortable enough for walking.When you get him out of the house you can get exercise.


  • 【Useful Design】Dog carriers & strollers has space underneath for purses, bags, etc and a cup holder to boot.This pet stroller also features a pad inside the cart for added comfort .The trade off in your mind maybe is better maneuverability and lighter weight, our dog strollers can satisfy you.Pet stroller cat stroller dog stroller puppy stroller
  • 【Safety and Privacy】Pet Stroller can zip the pet up and then people won't be able to pet your pet without asking.Dog Travel Carriage has lots of little "windows" so your pet can see outside even when it's zipped closed. Pet cart will give pets a sense of security.Pet will feel safe inside.Pet stroller cat stroller dog stroller puppy stroller
  • 【One Button Folding Function】This Pet Stroller is equipped with one-button folding function.Just twist the plastic part on the handrail of the cart gently, and you can simply put it away.The Pet Stroller is easy to use, and can be easily taken anywhere to open and fold.Pet stroller cat stroller dog stroller puppy stroller
  • 【Comfortable use】For pet owner ,Pet Stroller the top handles feature soft padding to keep your hands comfortable on long walks.For pet, the Dog carriers & strollers has a comfortable cushion, so pets can stay in it for a long time.During use, the pet cart can bring comfort to both parties, even if it is used for a long time.Pet stroller cat stroller dog stroller puppy stroller

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